Humble Juice 100ml Shortfill 0mg (80VG/20PG)

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– Made in the UK

– 0mg

– 100ml

– 80VG/20PG

Unicorn Treats:
Humble Juice Unicorn Treats is a perfectly crafted breakfast blend. Combining famous cereal flavours, this juice is as rich and satisfying as it is nostalgic.

Berry Blow Doe:
Humble Berry Blow Doe is a delicious fruit and candy blend, featuring a perfectly replicated flavour profile of berry fruits and bubblegum candy.

Donkey Kahn:
Humble Juice Donkey Kahn is a freshly made fruit smoothie, full of sweet and natural flavours; Indulge in the taste of ripe strawberries and bananas with a touch of dragon fruit

Humble Juice VTR is a combination of fruity rainbow sorbet, full of candy notes bursting with irresistible fruity flavours.

Blue Dazzle:
Humble Juice Blue Dazzle is an irresistibly sweet combination of freshly weaved cotton candy with a delicious fruity twist.

American Dream:
Humble Juice American Dream is a recreation of a fruit pebble cereal, the classic American cereal will surprise you with it’s sugary and fruity flavour profile.

Hop Scotch:
Humble Juice Hop Scotch is the ultimate dessert. Discover the flavour of a decadent ice cream sundae, full of rich and sweet flavours that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Peach Pleasure:
Humble Juice Peach Pleasure is a fruity masterpiece, 3 elements, each bringing something different to the table, creating an enchanting experience that hits all the right spots.

Smash Mouth:
Humble Juice Smash Mouth is a combination of freshly picked strawberries, folded in with a smooth and thick custard; Finished with a graham cracker crumble.

Humble Crumble:
Humble Juice Humble Crumble takes the best the forest has to offer combined with the essence of the bakery. Succumb to the blend of freshly picked forest berries combined with a rich graham cracker crumble, topped with butter and sugar.

Pee Wee Kiwi:
Humble Juice Pee Wee Kiwi is a fruity extravaganza, featuring an array of fruity flavours, this liquid is a perfect, naturally refreshing vape.

Sweater Puppets:
Humble Juice Sweater Puppets is a refreshing tropical vape, full of tangy and crisp exotic flavours.

Fruit Punch Gummy:
Fruit Punch Gummy by Humble offers a gummy candy based vape juice with bursts of real gummy bear flavours erupting from these superbly crafted tropical blends.

Dragon Punch:
Fruit punch that only contains dragon fruit and strawberry giving you the best of both worlds, exotic and a global favourite. With that in mind this vape juice means business, it packs so much flavour it’s honestly unbelievable. Humble has outdone themselves with this one and if you’re familiar with this company you know that their juices are never dull and meet up to your highest expectations.

Mid Night Snock:
 A midnight snack acquiring the presence of a soft sugar cookie and creamy milk. How dreamy is that? And now it’s formed into your new favourite vape juice. So it saves you the time of having to get up and those pain in the butt cravings all at once.

Strawberry Waffle:
A buttery Belgian waffle, topped with fresh sliced strawberries, and slathered with rich vanilla whipped cream. Enjoy!

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