Untold E-liquid 50ml Shortfill E-liquid 0mg (70VG/30PG)


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– Made in the UK

– 0mg

– 50ml

– 70VG/30PG

Chapter 1: It has begun 
As the chanting began and the tensions rose, cocktails flew through the air, the stacks of Coconut bombs grew and spiky pineapples lined the floor. It has begun.

Chapter 2: Candy Tide 
Dashing to find cover from the frontier of flying fruit, you find yourself stuck to the floor by the river of fruit, so sweet and sticky like the richest candy you could ever know.

Chapter 3: Everything Is Peachy 
How could you run from your fate, on today of all days? Do you have no passion? They throw fruit bombs with no mercy and you just pretend everything is all peachy?

Chapter 4: Road To Ruin 
With a deep breath you turn to face your fate. Chest out, and ready to rule the day. Clutching a sweet and crisp apple in each hand you run forth.

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