Voro Vape 50ml Shortfill 0mg (50VG/50PG)

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Premium E-liquids from Voro Vape. 21 incredible flavours to choose from.

– Made in the UK

– 0mg

– 50ml Shortfill

– 50VG / 50PG

AUTUMN HARVEST Fresh juicy grapes straight from the vine and a smooth apple-touch with a cooling breeze.

AFTERNOON HUG A perfect combination of banana, butterscotch and cream that will dazzle your taste buds for days. This e-liquid is made to never leave your sight.

APPLEBERRY COBBLER Delicious apple and blackberry crumble like your grandma used to make transformed by our master mixologist in an amazing e-liquid that you don’t want to leave out of your sight.

BREAKFAST IN BED A beautiful blend of blueberry and doughnut with a touch of cereal that you will want to vape early in the morning next to a fresh cup of coffee.

BLACK ICE Ripe and juicy blackcurrant mixed with a touch of menthol and loads of ice cubes. One juice that can be your ADV without any effort.

BLUE DIAMOND Berries, Menthol, and Aniseed are married in a delicious juice that will put a smile on your face. On exhale, the ice-cold will chill the flavours to perfection.

DARK SECRET Bursting with juicy blackcurrant fruit and complemented by notes of spiced anise on inhale, this e juice will leave you a heavenly taste on exhale with a subsidized ice-cold feel.

EXOTIC TOUCH This flavour is like biting into fresh juicy lychee. The combination of sweet and juicy lychee flavour mix with some other exotic fruits finishing with cooling ice gives you the satisfaction of exotic summer.

FIRST DATE First Date has a taste of some the best candy flavours. This fusion of strawberries and kiwi is sure to please the most disconcerting candy connoisseur. First Date is a delicious candy flavour that is sure to put a smile on your face.

GUILTY PLEASURE Delightful forbidden apple fused with ripe raspberry and fulfilled by sweet dainty cookie taste will turn this vape juice into your guilty pleasure.

LIQUID GOLD A creamy vanilla custard that oozes deliciousness while keeping your craving for something sweet fully satisfied. Venus Vape scores big time with one of the greatest custards created outside of a chef’s hands. A masterful blend of subtle notes that roll off the tongue and captivate your taste buds as few liquids will ever do.

MENTHOL BLAST Strong Menthol e-liquid that will refresh your senses and give you pleasant ice blast vape experience.

MORNING BREW Can you really beat the taste of a fresh Caramel Frappe in the morning? We didn’t think so either, that’s why we took all the amazing flavour of that fresh cup and put it in a bottle. With hints of Coffee, Cream and most importantly Caramel it’s the perfect way to start your day.

NINTH CLOUD A mouth-watering symphony of the rich sweet butterscotch taste merged with a refreshing minty flavour.

PINK KISS Sweet and juicy strawberries mixed with old fashion bubblegum complemented by a nice touch of kiwi and other discrete ingredients. A pink kiss that you want to keep all day on your lips.

STARDUST The delicate mix of berries and bubblegum. Summer is here so why not stock up on this delicious all day vape.

STRAWBERRY KISS Amazing flavour from Voro Vape that presents a perfect blend of natural ripe strawberry and unique fresh creams and custard. Is the kiss on the lips on a beautiful spring day?

SUMMER BREEZE The perfect marriage between juicy ripe melons, mango and few other exotic touches of flavour will send you straight to the ocean beach, while on exhale a touch of ice-cold will refresh your taste buds.

SUNSHINE SMILE Delicious strawberry cheesecake full of flavour and amplified by a beautiful graham cracker aroma.

TART AU CITRON Sharp lemon curd followed by a creamy fluffy meringue finishing off with a buttery pastry crust.

TROPICAL BLISS Imagine yourself on an island, far away into a world of big palm trees and golden sandy beaches, with not an office in site. Oh, and yes, pineapples, mouthwatering delicious pineapples, ripe passion fruits and amazing tropical fruits: flowing with juicy flavour, sweet and tart, as your taste buds transport you to an island bliss. Escape to paradise and find great joy in this little bottle of handcrafted premium e-liquid.

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